17.-19.JULY 2024


Where is the festival?

Ravnedalsveien 34, 4616 Kristiansand.

The festival takes place in Norway's most beautiful nature park: Ravnedalen, which is a short walk north from Kristiansand Center. Here we have a great outdoor scene, plenty of wildlife and plenty of space. This makes Ravnedalen a perfect festival area!

When is ravnedalen live?

17. - 19. july 2024.

Who are playing?

Here you can find the program with concert times. 

Tickets are found here. 

On Wednesday 17 July you can experience Livets Harde Skolekorps, Katie Melua, No.4, Admiral P and Stavangerkameratene. 

On Thursday 18 July you will see Les Imprimés, Fay Wildhagen, Marstein, Cezinando and Aurora.

On Friday 19 July, Erlend Ropstad, Seigmen, Mari Boine, Kvelertak and Valentourettes await. 


Work as a volunteer?

Do you want to work as a volunteer during this year's festival?

Here you can find the info. 

Do i have to bring a cup?

It is a good idea to bring an unbreakable cup or similar! 

To reduce the amount of plastic during our festivals, we have asked the public to bring their own cups.

Not only is it sustainable, but you also get the opportunity to be creative. Here the only limits are your imagination, and we're really looking forward to seeing what you bring to this year's festival.

When it comes to alcohol, you will be served this in a can, which you can pour into the cup you brought. Then you avoid the plastic glass tax of NOK 10. 

The fee applies to all disposable cups. 

The units in the bar are 0.5 and 0.15.

Hva slags mat serveres?

  • Sandwich med kjeconfit eller hvitløksbakt aubergine
    Marinert spicy sommerkål, salat, aioli og surdeigsbaguett fra Odd Bakery (vegan, uten aioli)
  • Sandwich med unghane & fennikelsalat
    Syltet rødløk, salat, aioli og surdeigsbaguett fra Odd Bakery
  • Sandwich med crispy ribbe av lykkelig frilandsgris
    Marinert spicy sommerkål, aioli og surdeigsbaguett fra Odd Bakery
  • Lokal kje-salat
    Frisk salat med tomater fra Hesnes, mozzarella fra Høvåg, kje-confit, syltet rødløk, agurk og en gremolata vinaigrette. Kan fås vegan (sommerkål og aubergine)
  • Lokale pølser fra Slakter Jens Eide
    Servert i Håneslomper. Jalapeno- og cheddarpølse/Skjørgårdsgrill eller dagens pølse. Syltet rødløk eller spicy spisskålsalat

Les mer om menyen og leverandørene våre her. 

Når kan jeg hente bånd?

Festivalområdet åpner klokken 14.00 onsdag, torsdag og fredag. Da er det mulig å få billett byttet med bånd. 

Under 18 at festival?

We love that you want to experience Ravnedalen Live. The distinctive atmosphere and magical music that Norway's most beautiful nature park has to offer is for everyone.

At the same time, we are a responsible organizer.

Children and young people must have extra protection and be well looked after. Remember to protect young and old ears from loud noise.

Make sure they don't disappear in crowds, but stays with parents and guardians.

Children and young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone who is over the age of 25 and who is a sober parent/guardian of the child.

Barn og unge under 18 år må også ha vanlig billett.

Barn under 3 år trenger ikke egen billett, men man må likevel fylle ut vergeskjema. 

Friends and partners can NOT be guardians. Period.

If you want to be a guardian for someone, you must download a guardian form, fill it in and bring it to the festival.

When we are over the strictness, all we can do is enjoy the party and
the festival. The guardian form is found at the bottom of this page. 


We encourage all our guests to think sustainably. Feel free to use public transport or walk. 

Bus no. 13 runs from the center of Kristiansand and stops near Ravnedalen's big stage.

Otherwise, buses no. 15, 19, 30 and 32 pass on Setesdalsveien, with a 5-6 minute walking distance to Ravnedalen.

From the center of Kristiansand it is approx. 15 minutes' walk to Ravnedalen and by bike you usually calculate approx. 5 minutes.

All trains and buses into Kristiansand stop in the centre, a short distance to Ravnedalen.

If you have bad legs or for other reasons have to drive to the festival, we have a parking lot at Egelunden: Drive into Ravnedalsveien from Setesdalsveien and after about 70-80 meters there is a roundabout on the left. You can park there.


We at Ravnedalen Live are very proud of our collaboration with Clarion Hotel Ernst. Here you will get a 10% discount on rooms if you have bought a ticket for this year's festival.

Use code “RL24" when ordering.

NB! Entering the code via the hotel's website does not work. Orders must be made by phone or via cl.ernst@strawberry.no! 

The offer only applies to the dates we have a festival, and you as a guest will be asked to show your ticket to Ravnedalen Live at check-in.

Can i bring my dog?

No, unfortunately! There will be too much noise. Guide dogs are an exeption. 

Can i bring a chair?

Nei, av sikkerhetsgrunner.

Can i bring a blanket or seating mat?

Yes, but not made of plastic or fleece.

Kan jeg ta med paraply?

No, for safety reasons (and out of respect for the person behind you at a concert).

I forgot something!

There is a lost and found at our entrance/ticket office. 

Area map 2024